nüPRO blue pickleball paddle + bonus cover

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Finally! A pickleball paddle for the pros. nüPRO is designed for players that prefer a substantial feel in their game. If you love driving the ball from back of court or enjoy returning almost-unplayable return shots, nüPRO will simply delight you every single time. It is a heavier paddle, which would suit most players from hard-core tennis background. nüPRO offers you speed, spin and control as a package. The power and control comes from a well-designed core density distribution that provides an even and extended sweet spot across the paddle.

For an effortless and effervescent game of pickleball, nüPRO is exceptionally unrivalled!

This pickleball paddle is USAPA approved.

BONUS: Free paddle cover included to keep your new paddle safe!

The nüplay pickleball paddle cover will protect your paddle from scratches, dirt, and other factors while it’s not in use. This soft paddle cover is made from durable neoprene, which is lightweight and strong, and features a convenient zip release.



Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Weight (Range): 245 g (±5g)
Height: 40cm (15.75″)
Width: 19.5cm (7.75″)
Paddle face: Carbon Composite
Core: Polypropylene Polymer Honeycomb
Grip: Custom nüplay cushioned grip
Grip Circumference: 11.0cm (4.5″)
Tournament Ready: USAPA Approved



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